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Liquid Silicone Rubber

Our Company

CVA Silicone has its headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland and is an innovative French company as well as a leader in liquid silicone rubber and liquid silicone injection technology.

The company co-develops and manufactures high added value silicone components. CVA Silicone designs and manufacturers its own molds and automated solutions specifically for the liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection process for prototyping, trial production and industrial production runs.

Its size gives CVA Silicone the unique advantages of flexibility and creativity making it your expert industrial partner.

In brief

Cva is the acronym of caoutchouc velay applications (velay rubber applications).

Thanks to 35 years of experience and know-how, CVA Silicone is the French leader in the hi-tech liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection process.

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CVA Silicone is strategically situated in Europe, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and a production plant in the heart of the French Auvergne region.

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Our history

Right from the start, CVA Silicone differentiated itself with a major patented innovation in liquid silicone rubber: a process with variable output to manufacture teats in natural rubber.

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Our vision

CVA Silicone is an expert in liquid silicone rubber injection technology and is specialized in the manufacturing of products and services in high added value markets.

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Cva Technology Pure Silicone Group

We offer a complete manufacturing and service package to our customers.

CVA Technology Pure Silicone Group AG is a Swiss company based in Zurich.

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