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Maintenance - Improvement

Perfectly made and carefully used latest technology tooling is not enough to manufacture compliant parts throughout their active life cycle. Meticulous and regular maintenance is necessary to ensure constant high quality of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) production parts.

CVA Silicone offers its customers different maintenance levels.

The first level corresponds to maintenance immediately after each production run, as liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a heat-hardening elastomer, it polymerises on contact with heat and cannot return to a viscous state. It is therefore necessary to carry out a complete cleaning process before the next production run.

Maintenance - Improvement

The second level includes preventive and corrective maintenance and involves work carried out by our mechanical workshop to prolong the life cycle of the tooling.

CVA Silicone continually works towards the constant improvement of tooling through design, the mould release system as well as the part conveyance solutions, to ensure that production means comply with market demands at all times.