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LSR Overmolding

CVA Silicone is motivated by the desire to stand out on its market, so has developed its overmolding experience to such a point that we have become experts in this field.

We are equipped with the latest machines and specifically adapted peripheral equipment. This two stage process gives a finished product composed of an association of two materials combined in the process of injection overmolding: a substrate, made of plastic or steel for example, and liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

It is also possible to have a combination of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). This overmolding technique requires extensive skills and know-how not only of the materials, of liquid injection, but also in research and development and of regulatory standards. Indeed in order to obtain precision parts, the material combinations need to be thoroughly studied.

The mold needs to be meticulously designed and the injection process skilfully controlled and monitored. The injection tool needs to be adjusted with high precision in order to guarantee a product that has no impurities, that is correctly fused with no gaps and that is burr-free.

Integrated Silicone & Plastic Injection Overmolding

Together with CVA Plastic, we offer integrated innovative full-spectrum silicone and plastic injection overmolding.