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Baby Care

CVA Silicone has been a key player in this sector since it invented the variable flow teat in 1961, alongside other patented anti-colic systems.

The company is able to design and manufacture not only complete feeding systems but also accessories to improve mother and baby comfort.

CVA Silicone works with the industry's leaders proposing innovative and competitive solutions using a special liquid silicone rubber (LSR) with low gas content and patented techniques to form close fitting slits on the teat tip in the mould.

Baby Care


Nipple protectors

Baby teats

Over-molded baby feeding bootle

Breast shell set

Baby food tray for Baby Cook

Teething rings

Some of the clients that we moved forward

Integrated Silicone & Plastic Injection Molding Production

Together with CVA Plastic, we offer full-spectrum services for an integrated silicone and plastic injection molding production of baby care products.

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